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Why You Should Own a Home Services Business in 2021

on Feb 25, 2021 in Blog

Here in 2021, we are still seeing a home services business boom. According to Verified Market Research, this industry is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of 36% by 2026, with a projected market value of nearly $220bn per year.

We have seen many industries suffer over the last year. From the film and entertainment industry all the way down to local shops and restaurants, it seems hardly a type of business was untouched by the health crisis of 2020. Yet online retailers, delivery services, grocery stores, and various home services businesses have been highly successful during the last year. As a home improvement company, The Grout Medic Franchise is primed for expansion in 2021. Are you ready to own a home services business within our franchising system?

2021 is primetime for your home services business venture!

How could you achieve success with a tile and grout franchise?

There are many reasons that home improvement companies have experienced growth since March 2020. The more time homeowners spent at home with their families, they began to notice areas of their living situation, which were not properly facilitating work and school duties. Some families put their homes on the market to buy more square footage for dedicated home offices and learning rooms. This trend is still in effect in many real estate markets across the country. That’s where The Grout Medic comes in! Grout cleaning or grout and tile repair projects are recommended for sellers, as these simple improvements make a home show much better. But this is not the only reason your Grout Medic franchise could see fantastic success in 2021.

Home buyers want to see beautiful grout and tile!

Cleaner homes have become a top priority.

Whether out of concern or necessity, homeowners called on professional cleaning companies in 2020. After all, it seemed the perfect time to undertake deep cleaning measures. The Grout Medic’s core grout cleaning service is in high demand and will remain so. Both since there is a high penetration of tile in American buildings – homes and businesses – and because families are taking their cleaning rituals more seriously than ever for their health.

At-home time emphasizes the need for improvements.

It’s not just The Grout Medic’s grout cleaning service that is in demand. Homeowners are taking their time at home to simply make their tiled surfaces look and function better. Whether that be making their grout a new color, fixing a long-broken or loose tile, or finally repairing multiple areas of unsightly grout. The types of home improvement services we provide are being sought out. Additionally, our home improvement offering allays dreaded major home renovations. Many of The Grout Medic’s clients were unaware that they could have their tiled surfaces professionally repaired rather than wholly replaced. They are happy to have found their local Grout Medic franchise, which gave them a rejuvenated home without having to tear out all their beautiful tile!

The weekend warrior effect.

More time at home has emboldened some homeowners to attempt highly-specialized projects, like regrouting, which must be corrected thereafter. Even though there are lots of online tutorials about the types of grout and tile projects we offer, the results of these DIY attempts can be disastrous. Since The Grout Medic specializes in grout and tile repair, we are at the top of weekend warriors’ Monday morning call lists. Are you ready to succeed in owning your own home services business in 2021 by answering the call?

Interested in buying a Miami grout franchise?

Now is the best time to buy a franchise. The Grout Medic Franchise is on the move across the United States, with many markets available. You could achieve unbelievable success with your Miami grout franchise. Get in touch with The Grout Medic’s franchising team by calling 1-800-700-1411.

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