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Why Own a Resale Franchise

on Sep 13, 2020 in Blog

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Why You Should Own a Tile and Grout Cleaning Resale Franchise


Starting a franchise from the ground up is a daunting prospect, often requiring big upfront costs and an extensive time investment when preparing a property. This can be discouraging to otherwise eager franchisees, especially those who already have the commitments of a family to look after. Business-minded individuals with families might feel like it is too late for them to get into a franchise business because of the costs and time required.

Entrepreneurs interested in investing in a franchise business opportunity like The Grout Medic should consider buying a resale franchise for the benefits that it can provide. Although resale franchises are still an investment and a time commitment, they help remove many variables that discourage potential franchisees from starting a franchise from the ground up.


Benefits of a Resale Franchise

While starting a franchise from scratch often results in the franchisee operating at a loss while getting started and building a customer base, buying a resale franchise means that there will already be a positive cash flow from day one. Furthermore, the franchise’s customer base, staff, and equipment or stocks will already be in place, dramatically reducing the work a new franchisee would have to do in building a customer base, preparing a property, and training new employees.

One of the biggest benefits of buying a resale franchise is receiving access to data about the franchise’s past business, allowing the franchisee to directly see how the franchise has been operating. Franchisees can immediately identify areas for growth in the market as well as ways to make the business more efficient. This eliminates much of the initial guesswork many new franchisees must do when first learning how to manage their own franchise.


Why Might a Franchise Be Sold?

Some potential buyers of resale franchises are under the common misconception that resale franchises are being sold because there is a not enough demand within the existing market, the franchise is operating at a loss, or the business model is unsustainable. In fact, a franchisee choosing to resell their franchise is not indicative of any problems with the franchise itself.

Often, a franchisee desires to sell for unrelated reasons, such as their retirement, relocation, or the decision to move on to other business investments. These decisions would hold no bearing on the business itself, and the new franchisee would be purchasing a fully-functioning franchise with a positive cash flow. While each resale franchise must be examined on its own terms, the truth is that resale franchises usually are a great option for those unsure of the bigger investment of starting from the ground up.

Here is more information on why a Grout Medic Tile And Grout Cleaning Franchise is different from all others and what they offer including:

If you think investing in a resale franchise might be the right move for you, contact The Grout Medic to learn more about their available tile and grout franchise opportunities and available franchise markets.

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