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Franchise Support to help you succeed

The Grout Medic tile and grout cleaning franchise program supports you for the life of your business, with the aim of giving you every advantage in tapping into your area’s market potential. With our professional National Call Center, comprehensive marketing program, industry partnerships and online supply ordering, you’ll always have resources at your disposal.

National Call Center

Operating six days a week, The Grout Medic National Call Center provides full communication cycle services to franchisees. Our friendly and helpful staff assist with:

  • Scheduling
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Follow-up calls


Marketing is one of the biggest concerns for anyone starting a business, but our franchisees find that they’re ahead of the curve with the backing of The Grout Medic brand. Our franchisees benefit from our experience with what works. Our programs are designed to help ease your transition from a start-up business to an established franchise.

Your Grout Medic franchise includes a comprehensive marketing system that helps you get your new business off to an optimal start.


Our marketing systems have been carefully refined to include everything an owner needs to maintain a Grout Medic franchise. All the collateral and support materials are professionally designed and printed so you’ll project a winning image. Our promotional programs are tailored specifically for both residential and commercial markets so you’ll win new customers right away. You get the added benefit of our relationship with several leading direct mail providers. National contract pricing reduces your advertising costs and the promotional efforts are coordinated via our corporate office to ensure your marketing activities are executed in a timely and professional fashion.

As your franchise grows, our product ordering website makes ordering the marketing materials you need quick and easy. You will never run out of the critical supplies needed to sustain your business.

Marketing Support includes:

  • Professionally designed brochures, ad slicks, business cards, certificates, and much more
  • Media-ready advertising copy
  • Television and radio spots
  • Targeted marketing collateral for commercial and residential markets
  • National contract pricing with several leading direct mail providers
  • Campaign coordination via our corporate office

Awesome Internet Ordering System

Our Internet ordering system provides franchise owners with a convenient and cost-saving source for the products and materials needed to run a Grout Medic franchise. Franchise owners take advantage of our national buying power and negotiated discounts to receive products at a substantial savings. We want your time to be spent building your business and providing superior service, so our time is spent negotiating volume pricing; making supplies available at the lowest cost possible and thereby increasing the profitability of your franchise. Even if you need to place a rush order after business hours, our 24/7 online access makes it easy to keep pace with your growing business.

Valuable Industry Partnerships

The Grout Medic is the grout and tile restoration expert of choice for many of the county’s leading tile and grout manufacturers. As national service providers, each franchise has a valuable source of customer referrals. In addition, our partnerships with other well known and related service providers like Sherwin-Williams, ADP Group, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and 33social give franchise owners an additional competitive edge when it comes to lead sourcing and lead sharing. Cooperative advertising, complementary Web promotion, and preferred provider status mean that your Grout Medic franchise is associated with a network of national partnerships that drives customer referrals in your local territory.

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