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We’re a Different Kind of Home Service Industry Franchise

on Oct 13, 2020 in Blog

grout medic franchise marketing graphic Starting a home service franchise can seem like an intimidating prospect, with a multitude of upfront costs and the daunting possibility of not facing profit margins for over eighteen months. That’s not to mention the usual tasks of preparing a store for opening, finding and training employees, and building a customer base before the grand opening.

The Grout Medic’s business model, however, should alleviate many of these concerns about the most daunting aspects of starting a home service franchise. From its world-class training program, to its comprehensive marketing system for new franchisees, to its tiered royalty model, franchisees with The Grout Medic will have a smooth launch. The Grout Medic does everything it can to make sure franchisees get the support they need every step of the way.


Starting Out with The Grout Medic

Franchisees who choose The Grout Medic will first attend an extensive training in Southlake, Texas. The program combines business and technical training, teaching franchisees about everything from The Grout Medic’s service model and business software to hands-on experience using all the tools and products in its equipment package. This technical training ensures that franchisees do not need any prior handyman experience with grouting or bathroom maintenance. In fact, the most successful franchisees are oftentimes those with a strong entrepreneurial mindset who can manage a high volume of customers.

Concurrent with training, The Grout Medic runs a comprehensive marketing system in the franchisee’s home market. The marketing system includes direct mail, advertising copy, and even TV and radio spots. By building a positive word of mouth and customer base this early, franchisees will find that they often have a host of eager customers before they are even done with training. Consequently, franchisees will be able to hit the ground running when they return to their home markets.


Building a Business

Thanks to its tiered business model, many franchisees with The Grout Medic can generate a positive cash flow as soon as two months into owning their home service franchise. There is no comparison with many other franchise businesses, some of which can take over a year and a half to meet similar results. This business model demonstrates The Grout Medic’s interest in recruiting highly capable, business-minded individuals seeking to quickly build a profitable business.

Furthermore, many home repair franchisees with The Grout Medic find they eventually want to expand beyond being just an owner-operator. Franchisees can add employees and trucks to serve a greater customer demand or a wider geographical area, making The Grout Medic a fitting choice for ambitious franchisees. If you’re interested in franchising with The Grout Medic, contact us to learn more about our available franchise opportunities.

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